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No one plans to get a DWI. And no one plans to need a DWI lawyer. But if you find yourself driving over the legal alcohol limit and arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) – a DWI attorney can help.

What is a DWI?

The legal age for consuming alcohol is 21 years old, and the federal legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) when behind the wheel is .08. (That’s the magic number!)

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If an officer suspects a driver of being intoxicated while driving, the officer may perform a traffic stop, visually check the driver to see if they’re drunk, and ask them to perform a series of sobriety tests. One of these may include a “breathalyzer” test – where the driver is asked to blow into a straw-like tube. An attached device measures and records the level of alcohol on the user’s breath.

If the driver’s BAC level is found to be .08 or higher based on the breathalyzer, the driver can be arrested and charged with multiple levels of DWI charges. If the driver caused an accident, was driving recklessly, endangered others, or performed a number of other traffic violations, the driver can be charged with those things too.

Sound familiar?

If this (or something similar) has happened to you, you have options. A DWI lawyer can help you get a fair case, even if it’s your first offense. If you have been arrested for DWI (or Driving Under the Influence – also known as DUI) before, then you definitely need an attorney for representation on your second offense.

A DWI arrest always has associated costs.
A DWI arrest always has associated costs.

Costs of DWI

When you’re arrested for DWI, the costs multiply quickly. You may have bail and jail fees charged immediately. There may be lost wages from work, repair costs from damages you caused or medical expenses from an accident or injury. Expect that once your court date comes, you will be charged a fine and could be facing probation or jail time.

A DWI on your record means you may not be eligible for certain types of private or business loans, and you might not be able to apply to certain jobs or housing.

How will those things cost you?

Cost of DWI Lawyer

It might sound expensive to hear “lawyer” for something that people consider “little” – like a DWI. But there are many ways that an attorney saves you in the long run.

An experienced DWI attorney in Texas can show you credentials, examples of people they’ve assisted before, and a track record of excellence. Not only do you know that you’re getting the best representation, to reduce your overall cost in the long-run, you know you’re getting a better value with your representation in court.

How can a DWI lawyer help?

Look back at the scenario of the DWI arrest. What might have gone wrong?

A DWI lawyer knows how to asses the situation to look for errors in the arrest procedure, the booking procedure, or faulty equipment. If the arrest was not performed according to procedure – if it was not clear (for example) that you understood your rights at the time of arrest – the charges may be dismissed. Would you know if the procedure was correct?

An attorney can help.

An experienced DWI lawyer can help you fight your charges.
An experienced DWI lawyer can help you fight your charges.

If there were no additional charges a lawyer may be able to plead the DWI charge for a lower consequence, especially if it’s your first DWI or even your first arrest. If there are additional charges, you definitely want to consult a lawyer about how to make the best of your situation.

Choose a local DWI lawyer

We recommend, when it comes to a particular charge that can not only vary state-by-state but county-by-county, to go local. A national criminal law firm won’t be familiar with the particulars of your local sheriff’s office, county judges, and DWI court processes. However, the locality of the offense matters. If you are arrested for DWI in the county where you live, it may be very different for you than if you’re arrested in a Texas county where you don’t live.

Read the reviews and seek out a personal or professional recommendation. It’s also always wise to review your DWI attorney’s standing with state and local law associations. Don’t be shy! Ask them all the questions you want – you want honesty and transparency and you deserve to know the truth about your charges, and the potential consequences you face.

Find the right DWI lawyer

Choosing someone you know, someone you can trust, and someone you can walk into their office and shake their hand – these things can make a huge difference when you have to deal with DWI or DUI charges.