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There are many reasons you might be involved in a family law situation – divorce or adoption issues, parenting timeshare or grandparents’ rights. Sometimes, experienced family law mediators are the ideal people to address these situations, rather than hiring an attorney.

Family Law Mediators Are Trained Communicators

Often in a divorce or during dispute resolution when changing an original set of divorce paperwork, communication breaks down. People who were family members before, or who are sharing children or assets, can be emotionally involved and make decisions based on emotions. However, mediators are professionals who are trained to deal with these emotional situations.

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Counseling and mediation

Family law mediators often participate in pre-divorce mediation or divorce revision mediation, to ease the process and make sure that all parties are heard. They are trained to be fair, to allow everyone to present their evidence and arguments, and to keep the focus where it should be – on the best interest of the child.

Mediators often provide or can recommend parenting classes, and are especially helpful if the court requires these classes.

Divorce Mediation Lawyers Conflict Resolution

Issues Covered in Mediation

Although you can resolve many issues through family law mediation, there are some situations that require the focused attention of an attorney. Always discuss your options with your legal team before determining the best way to get the results you want.

Child Custody

People use mediation to resolve child custody establishment and child custody modification. Depending on the age and custody situation you’re looking to establish, you may be able to work through the details with the other party in mediation. In Texas, parents can establish “joint possessory conservatorship”, meaning that both parents maintain physical custody and legal responsibility of the children. Or, parents can establish “joint managing conservatorship”, where children live mainly with one parent but both are involved in legal decisions.

Visitation and Guardianship

Frequently children spend more time at one parent’s house than the other. The other parent will typically be awarded visits with the children at their home or some other designated place. Depending on the circumstances, you may negotiate and schedule resolution if you can come to an agreement in a mediation session. Issues of guardianship, including guardianship for adult children, may not need to be addressed in court, if all parties can come to a formal agreement in mediation.

Mediation is Fair to Both Parents

It’s called “family law,” meaning that we keep our focus on making sure your entire family is represented. Because each family is different, each divorce or parental custody dispute is different. So we treat no two cases alike.

Whether you are a mother, a father, an extended family member or an adoptive parent, you may benefit from speaking with a family law mediator. The law protects every child, and also, all members of the family.

Work out your differences and shake hands with family law mediators.
Work out your differences and shake hands in mediation.

Mediators Can Help in Family Disputes

Sometimes, disputes are not caused by divorce. When you need to liquidate a trust or investment that’s connected to spousal or child support, or when siblings or grandparents need legal guidance with guardianship or adoption issues, mediators come to the rescue.

Depending on how complex your situation, family law mediators can be the right people to step in, offer dispute resolution, and guide you through the process to settle the dispute with minimal costs.

Do you need a family law mediation lawyer?

Maybe not. You may be able to represent yourself at mediation, if you feel comfortable. But, as stated before, people going through family law issues are often emotionally invested, which can make them distracted or unable to properly represent themselves. Having an unbiased, experienced attorney during your mediation can make all the difference in achieving the results you aimed for.

A Strong Professional You Can Rely On

A mediator is a guide. They sit with you through the process, explaining terms you don’t understand or don’t agree with, negotiating and keeping the focus toward successful results. They have read the paperwork before and are familiar with successful strategies and the finer points of the law. They’re not intimidated by the setting, by the documents, or by the other people at the table.

You may not need a family law mediator at your side, but don’t you want one?