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Bobby Barina’s 25 years of experience and expert knowledge give you the advantage

Fortitude & Experience Distinguish Bobby Barina Among Texas Family Law Attorneys.
He is Equipped to Handle All Family Legal Needs.

Knowledge and successful practice in all family law categories. Working to get the results you deserve.

Family matters are often sensitive matters. You don’t want the world involved with your custody troubles or judging you for wanting to protect your rights and privacy.

Family Law Attorney with 25 Years Experience

As a client of Bobby Barina, you can trust that he will use his vast 25 years of experience to delicately manage your case. Discretion is important. You are important.

Aggressive Family Law Attorney

Bobby Barina is an aggressive family law attorney who understands the personal issues at stake. He will give you the attentive service you deserve. Having battled on both sides of family matters, Mr. Barina is highly skilled in arguing the case you build with him.

Family Law Practice

Each Family Law Case Is Unique.

Divorce, visitation and custody, or support proceedings are as different as the people involved. Facing any of these situations in court is not for an amateur or layperson. It is also not smart to try to tackle it on your own either.

Why Use a Family Court Lawyer?

When you are tasked with family legal matters that require you to go to court, your best option is to alleviate that burden by hiring a professional. A family court lawyer meets that need.


Not all family law attorneys protect the rights of fathers


Bobby Barina is a strong defender for fathers. If you are a concerned father who wants to protect your rights, Mr. Barina is the advocate for you.

Mr. Barina is also experienced in handling matters of paternity where a father is attempting to begin his parental status. He will review your case, provide you with practical expectations, and fight to get the most favorable outcome for you.

Local family law attorneys know the Texas courts

Bobby Barina has more than 2 decades of experience successfully helping clients achieve the goals they seek in the local family court.

The most favorable situation for a troubled family, and one that is supported by Texas law, is when both parents are able to have a healthy and meaningful relationship with their children. Sadly, sometimes it is not possible in cases of abuse.

In today’s society, it is not always the mother that becomes the “possessory conservator” parent in child custody. However, when that is the case, it is important that a father’s rights are properly considered.

Studies show the presence of a father in the life of a child(ren), even in a split family, is beneficial to the welfare of the child(ren).

Only some family law lawyers represent grandparents


Grandparents who wish to stay in a close relationship with their grandchildren can ask for visitation rights if the parents are divorcing. Keeping the focus on what is in the best interest of the child or children is first and foremost in the Texas courts. Grandparent’s rights are often considered important.

There are also instances where grandparents may seek custody of grandchildren, such as when both parents are not able to properly care for their children because of substance abuse, incarceration, physical abuse, or other reasons.

Mr. Barina believes the grandparent relationship is valuable and supports the rights of grandparents.


Temporary spousal support calculations used by family court lawyers

Spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, is allowed in Texas, but is restricted with a time limit, usually only paid to a “non-earning” spouse while the divorce is in process. It also differs from spousal maintenance which is support after a divorce, also time restricted, by Texas law, to three years post-divorce.

Determining if you are eligible for temporary spousal support or spousal maintenance is based on a several major elements considered by the court.

  • How long was the couple married?
  • What were the financial contributions of each spouse to the household?
  • Did one spouse provide support to the other during their education or training?
  • What is the levels of education or experience of the spouse requesting financial support?

Your financial stability is a critical part of being able to rebuild or maintain the life you have achieved and to which you are accustomed. Whether requesting support or being sought to support, Attorney Bobby Barina has successfully defended both sides of this sensitive matter. Let him guide you through the process with confidence.

Father’s rights. Grandparent’s rights. Financial support matters. If you have questions on any of these legal issues, Attorney Bobby Barina has answers.


The Most Qualified Family Law Attorneys Are

Board Certified

Board certification in any profession is the highest standard for which that profession offers. Rigorous training and testing during the certification process go beyond the degree of education already achieved and call upon the practical experience of the profession.

In Texas, less than five percent of attorneys are board certified.

Leading Family Law Firms Go Beyond the Call

Great attention to detail. Friendly and obliging support staff. Providing continual updates on the progress of your case. Available and communicative. On top of your needs.

I am seeking a family law attorney near me.

The central Texas area is extremely fortunate to have a highly qualified and highly experienced family law attorney in its midst. Bobby Barina Law is conveniently located in Harker Heights, near Killeen, TX.

Family court attorney who treats you like you are the only client.

Most professionals are very busy if they are any good at what they do. But the key to being a successful professional is making each client feel they are the most important one or that they are the only client being represented at that time.

Passion distinguishes outstanding family law specialists

Bobby Barina treats every client as if they were the only one because he has a passion for people and serving them through a difficult time. He relates to client needs having personally faced many of the same trials himself. He is a brilliant family court attorney with an understanding heart.


Need to hire a Family Law specialist?

Give yourself the best chance of receiving a positive outcome by hiring Attorney Bobby Barina, Board Certified in Family Law and Family Law Mediation.

Family Law Mediation Is A Good Option

Mediation may offer a less stressful option for a couple or family dealing with custody or support concerns. Designed to focus on the particular needs of your family situation, the results may lead to less tension or distance between family members.

Experienced Family Law Mediator in Central Texas

Mediators may also save your case money in the long run by cutting down on attorney hours.

Parenting classes may be required by the court in the state of Texas.


Communication Builds Effective Family Law Mediators

In the case of divorce, family law mediators may help couples communicate more effectively on the subject of their children during the divorce process and after the final decree.

Some states go as far as requiring parents to attend pre-divorce mediation where a neutral third party helps negotiate details in a divorce settlement and child custody issues.

Parenting classes may be required by the court in the state of Texas.

Hire a Family Law Specialist

Divorce, child custody and support, and visitation issues, as well as handling other family law needs, are Attorney Bobby Barina specialties. He also has a personal understanding in each.