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Bobby Barina, Divorce Attorney Serving Killeen

Aggressive divorce attorney experienced in uncontested and contested divorces

Marriages are facing challenges today that didn’t even exist in part of the last century.

Many People Seek the Benefits of Advice from Divorce Attorneys


It’s a sad statistic. Half of the marriages in the modern United States end in divorce, because as society changes, so do people.

No matter what the reason may be for a marriage ending, whether it is an amicable solution or a knock down drag out fight, you must meet the challenge of dealing with many fears and emotions.

Having someone on your side to help minimize the challenges is in your best interest.


Attorney for Divorce — For Your Protection

Texas has established state statutes for both no-fault and fault divorce filings. There are six such at-fault reasons allowed for divorce which include:

  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Confinement in a mental facility
  • Cruelty/Domestic Violence
  • Felony conviction
  • Living separated for three years or more

Dealing with any of these situations is difficult on your own. Do not do it alone. Let Attorney Bobby Barina stand with you to be your voice.

Finding a Divorce Attorney Near Me

Most individuals ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues when they seek out a divorce attorney. This can work in your favor, but be sure to make your own decision by asking the right questions.

  • Will the attorney be honest with you and manage your expectation?
  • Will the attorney fight for your parental rights?
  • Will the attorney seek fair division of property?
  • Will the attorney stay on top of filing documents in a timely manner?
  • Does the attorney have a highly efficient support staff?
  • Does the attorney give a free initial consultation?


You should feel comfortable with your choice and have confidence that whomever you hire will work diligently for you. Don’t rely on what your best friend’s cousin’s roommate suggests.

Attorney Bobby Barina aims to serve you with 100% of his skills as a successful family law and divorce attorney.

Divorce Attorney Serving Killeen and Surrounding Area

Established in the central Texas area for more than 20 years, Bobby Barina is an experienced  divorce attorney serving Killeen and the surrounding area. Mr. Barina will give you an honest evaluation of your case telling you what to expect along the journey, explain all of your rights options, help you determine how to keep your fair portion of assets, and process and file  documentation to simplify the process for you.

Call Bobby Barina to set up a free consultation to discuss your unique situation.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney

If you and your spouse mutually reach a settlement agreement on your own, you may still need to hire a divorce attorney to review and file the required paperwork in court. The Texas laws will not allow you as an individual to file documents in the courts.

An attorney must also be the one to request a court date for the final decree and judgement of your divorce. Mr. Barina and his expert staff will keep you apprised of your case progress, providing copies of all documents along the way.

Board Certified Local Divorce Attorney

Whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce, having a local divorce attorney makes facilitating the entire divorce process more convenient for both the client and attorney.

Board certified by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law, Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, and Family Law Mediation, Mr. Barina has represented more than 1,500 clients in his more than 25 years practicing law.

Aggressive Divorce Attorney You Can Trust

You need a divorce lawyer with a track record of success. One who promises to strongly represent you from start to finish.

Mr. Barina asks the tough questions and investigates the smallest details. The more you trust him to build your case and the more he knows your family history, the better he can develop and deliver a compelling case for you.

Bobby Barina is never intimidated by the opposing team.


Divorce Mediation Attorney

Texas does not require mediation, however it is an option for couples who are ready to move forward with their lives and are willing to negotiate and compromise their issues.

Mediation is a way to process a divorce maintaining more of a business atmosphere than an emotional battle.

Bobby Barina is a certified family law and divorce mediation attorney who can work with couples