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Common Law Divorce Explained
When a couple who has lived together for some time chooses to go their separate ways, they might be eligible[...]
Finding a Divorce Lawyer
Aside from experience, there are several vital factors to consider when finding a divorce lawyer. From their communication skills to the consultation and representation rates, we’ve compiled some critical points to help you make this crucial decision.
When to Request for a Child Custody Modification
When it comes to requesting for a child custody modification, you will need to establish a substantial claim for your petition.
Child Custody Law Firm Advice for Unmarried Couples
If you're an unmarried couple looking for advice from a reputable child custody law firm about your unique situation, today’s post is for you.
Ask a DWI Attorney: Driving While Intoxicated vs. Public Intoxication
Under Texas law, driving while intoxicated (DWI) and public intoxication (PI) are two very different offenses. Learn more.
Child Support Attorney Advice for Military Families
If you are a servicemember or your ex-spouse is one, you must know how child support payments are affected by the military law. To better understand your situation, consult with a family law or child support attorney for legal advice.
How Does a Common Law Marriage Work?
Common law marriage is also defined as “marriage without formalities” or “informal marriage” by the Texas Family Code. Is yours valid as a common law marriage?
Custodial Parenting Questions For a Child Custody Lawyer
Child custody and custodial parenting are complex topics. To better navigate this situation, employ the services and guidance of a child custody lawyer.
Divorce Advice for Women Over 50: What You Need to Know
For women over 50, it may be trickier to deal with. Good divorce advice for women can help you enjoy the best years of your life.