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Specializing in Divorce, Family Law and Mediation, & Criminal Law, Bobby Barina holds licenses for:

US Supreme Court

US Court of Appeals for the 5th District

US District Court, Western District of Texas

Supreme Court of Texas

Bobby Barina, Esquire, is a Board Certified Lawyer Practicing Law in the Central Texas area for More Than 25 Years

Since 2000, he has operated his own private practice and represented clients in communities and counties throughout central Texas. If you are dealing with the challenges of divorce, family mediation, child custody, or DWI in Texas, contact Attorney Bobby Barina for a free consultation.

Bobby Barina provides compassionate client care during one of life’s most difficult times – the divorce process.

Board Certified by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Criminal Law, Family Law, Juvenile Law, and Family Law Mediation.

A Board Certified attorney pledges you will receive the highest level of professional service from a most knowledgeable resource.

Regular recertification is required by the Texas Board to maintain this status.

Bobby Barina, One of Central Texas’ Top Divorce Lawyers

Family Law
No matter how amicable you think a divorce can or should be, you need someone to look out for your best interest when emotions become overwhelming and when legal questions or complications arise. Turning to a professional legal counselor, divorce lawyer, who knows the intricacies of the law and court system to work through all of the documents on your behalf is smart in today’s society. You need an attorney who will advocate on your side and protect your rights.
The individual service that Bobby Barina provides sets him far apart from other divorce lawyers. His streamlined process developed over the years can save you time and money in the long run. From the initial consultation to the final court date, he handles each client’s case from a personal experience perspective. He truly cares about his clients and their goals for a favorable outcome.

Why There Are Divorce Attorneys in Texas

Divorcing couple returns ring over paperwork from lawyer.

The divorce process may be similar to swimming against a rip current in the ocean. In order to get through it in one piece you need a legal lifeguard who knows the proper way to navigate the waves of documents, regulations, and formalities associated with Texas divorce laws and the court system. A board certified lawyer presents your best option for treading the tumultuous waters of divorce.

Bobby Barina is the legal lifeguard you need. He will fight to protect you and your family and carry you home safely to “swim” another day.

While it is true that divorce does not have to be a battle, it is smart to have a specialist in your corner to protect you alone. It is not an undertaking that you want to DIY. Emotional and financial issues often cloud reason and an expert can keep you focused on the task at hand.

Why You Need Your Divorce Attorney To Be an Expert

It is to your individual advantage to hire an expert when faced with divorce. Just as you would have a certified mechanic work on your expensive luxury vehicle, or a neurosurgeon operate on your delicate brain, you should have an expert divorce attorney handle your dissolution of marriage. Armed with the right tools of know-how and success, Attorney Bobby Barina has the expertise you deserve.

Choosing the right divorce attorney doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for and the right questions to ask.

Uncontested Divorce

Texas Divorce Laws and the Process of Divorce

Contested Divorce

In order to file for divorce in Texas you must be a resident of the state for at least 6 months and have lived in the county in which you are filing for at least 90 days. One spouse must file a petition for the dissolution of the marriage as Texas does not recognize a legal separation between spouses. After a 60-day waiting period from the original filing date, a divorce can be finalized, but this is dependent upon the court and usually takes longer.

Many couples underestimate the amount of time it truly takes for the divorce process to be finalized. Technically, as stated, it sounds like it might take only a few months. Realistically, from filing to final decree, the process will likely take 9 to 12 months or more. Only in the case of domestic violence can that timeframe be shortened, for the obvious safety of the abused and possible children.

Why Hire Local Divorce Lawyer Bobby Barina?

Here’s why Bobby Barina is the right choice:

  • More than 25 years of overall legal experience.
  • Expert knowledge and wisdom from preparing and trying thousands of cases.
  • Certified in varied specializations of law including family law, family law mediation, juvenile law, and criminal law.
  • Works your case directly according to your goals and desired outcome.
  • Licensed in multiple courts in Texas.
  • Experienced this process personally and knows its intimacies (he has gone through a divorce, child custody, and the division of property).
  • Believes mediation is an option.
  • Builds a relationship with clients.
Having the personal experience of going through his own divorce involving child custody and the division of personal and financial property, Attorney Bobby Barina has in-depth knowledge of the full process of divorce. Other divorce attorneys may not.

When you introduce your case to Mr. Barina, he pays close attention, writing down every detail you provide as a way to develop and build the personal relationship he feels you deserve as his client. Some divorce attorneys are not as compassionate.

  • He strives you gain your trust and confidence at the onset.
  • He promises to treat you with respect and your case with discretion.
  • He is there to listen and honestly advice you throughout the entire process.

If you require the services of a divorce attorney in the Central Texas area, Attorney Bobby Barina is the expert for you.

Family Law Attorneys Who Get Positive Results

The challenges and changes that life brings to our attention often require legal action to keep the life we know and love at the level of which we are accustom. Finding the best solution so we can move forward is what we seek for our self and our family. Finding a family law attorney who can get positive results is your best course of action.

With more than 25 years of experience to access, Mr. Barina most likely has the answers you are looking for to win your case.


Attorney Bobby Barina is the certified family law attorney that you need to help you achieve your family legal goals.

Most Qualified Family Law Attorney

According to the website superlawyers.com, the definition of a Super Lawyer is “a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. This selection process includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.” Only 5% of lawyers in each state receive this distinction.

Attorney Bobby Barina achieved this Super Lawyer status for 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. He is most qualified to handle all areas of family law.

Family Legal Matters and Domestic Relations

There are a multitude of areas of family law that stem from a divorce case. Beyond child custody and support, the rights of the father or grandparents often come into play. The division of property to end a common law marriage falls under family law. Some family legal matters happen as an ill-fated result of the death of a parent of young children or far too often at the hands of domestic violence.

Domestic situations are never typical and mostly complicated for all individuals. It takes a professional legal expert to know how to properly analyze the details of your unique situation and prepare the best case imaginable so you receive the most favorable results possible.

Family Law and Temporary Hearings

Cases affecting the welfare of a child such as divorce that is likely to span more than a few months, generally require a Temporary Hearing where the court hands down Standing Orders, or rules by which the parties involved must comply. These rules are the basis of future hearings pertaining to the relationship between the parent and child on both sides. They often become part of the final ruling if they are working well for all parties, however, a judge will allow modifications.

Board Certified Family Law Attorney

Divorce, spousal support or maintenance, child custody and support, visitation, rights of grandparents, father’s rights, Child Protective Services (CPS) issues, and military family law are all areas where Attorney Bobby Barina excels in representing. He investigates all available options and targets results designed to best match your goals.

Child Custody Lawyers in Central Texas

In Central Texas, you will find one of the most qualified child custody lawyers is Bobby Barina. Getting positive results and serving Central Texas for more than 25 years. Specializing in family law cases that include child custody, child support, and visitation rights.

Bobby Barina conducts a thorough investigation for every client, gathering as many facts available to properly prepare documents and oral presentations that may be given in court or before a judge in chambers. He will prepare you, as the client, regarding what you may expect as your specific case moves forward through the system. Honesty is always the policy as to whether a case is facing a tough fight to gain a positive resolution.

Child-Friendly Visitation

Drafting a winning strategy that has the best interest of the children in mind is the goal of the court as well as the parents in a custody case. Negotiating a visitation schedule that identifies the life, health, and educational needs of each child is crucial for creating a fair distribution of time with each parent.

Working with CPS Cases

The primary goal of every parent is to give their child or children a safe, loving, and nurturing environment in which to live. The unfortunate realities of divorce in a family often put the children in the middle of their parent’s struggles. Or an unforeseen situation may arise where a parent no longer has the capability to care for a child or children. Mental or health issues, substance abuse, anger problems and domestic violence, or unhealthy living conditions contribute to circumstances that may lead to a shift in custody of children.

CPS is designated to ensure the safe placement of children in Texas. They have the authority to recommend temporary and permanent custody in cases of suspected child endangerment whether intentional or accidental. Reversing a decision to regain custody is a difficult assignment and requires a detailed plan of action that resolves every question or issue described by CPS officials.

Bobby Barina is highly qualified with 20 years of experience fighting for clients’ parental rights, guiding them according to the special circumstances of their case, to help preserve the family environment.

DWI Lawyers, Protecting Your Rights

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or under the influence is a criminal offense, as is underage drinking. You will face serious consequences that could affect the rest of your life if convicted of DWI or DUI charges. To protect your rights, you need to have an attorney on your side who is experienced in defending such charges.

Military DWI Cases

Attorney Bobby Barina has successfully defended many servicemen and women in court and takes pride in helping them protect their future.